SecureCRT Crack for linux

Follow the steps bellow to get the crack for SecureCRT for linux

Step 1: Download the latest SecureCRT for Linux Ubuntu 16.x 64-bit (scrt-8.3.0-1514.ubuntu16-64.x86_64.deb) from official Website 

Step 2: wget

Step 3: Check out the SecureCRT installation path. type in terminal : whereis SecureCRT

Step 4: Run the perl script on SecureCRT’s installation path ‘/usr/bin/SecureCRT’. type in terminal: sudo perl /usr/bin/SecureCRT

Step 5: If the script is successful, the registration information output will be generated in terminal.

Step 6: Now, run ‘SecureCRT’ command in terminal and follow the prompts to fill out the registration information output in ‘Enter License Manually’ Tab.

All Done!

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