Install bijoy on ubuntu 20

To Installing bijoy on ubuntu follow the ā€¨steps bellow :

1.First download bijoy linux pakage from Bijoy-Linux

2. Install ibus service. Type in terminal

sudo apt-get install ibus-m17n

3. Change the mod of following files :

sudo chmod 755 /usr/share/m17n/
sudo chmod 755 /usr/share/m17n/icons

4.Extract bijoy linux in downloaded folder and go inside that folder.

5. Copy the following files type in terminal:

mv bn-bijoy.mim /usr/share/m17n/bn-bijoyClassic.mim
mv bn-bijoy.png /usr/share/m17n/icons/bn-bijoyClassic.png
mv bn-bijoy.mim /usr/share/m17n/bn-bijoyUnicode.mim
mv bn-bijoy.png /usr/share/m17n/icons/bn-bijoyUnicode.png

6. Change the mod type in terminal :

sudo chmod 755 /var/lib/dpkg/info/m17n-db.list

7. Add the following lines in dpkg list. type in terminal :


8. Add Bijoy service in startup application

  • Click the button: Add
  • Fill the empty fields with the following information:
  • Name: IBus Daemon
  • Command: /usr/bin/ibus-daemon -d
  • Comment: Start IBus daemon when Gnome starts

9. Restart the system

10. Add keyboard in input menthod: goto Region and Language tab in settings then in input source hit plus icon to add and select bangla(bd) and add two input method 1) bijoy-clasisc(m17n) 2) bijoy-unicode(m17n)

11. Enable the keyboard: press windows + space bar.

Enjoy Bangla typing.

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